Postcard from Ayrton

2nd class received a postcard from Ayrton Power last week! He is living in Barcelona this year. He told us to look up the Palau Nacional because he lives near there. It is a beautiful palace in the centre of Barcelona. We love hearing from Ayrton and we wish him a ‘Happy New Year’ for 2018!

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2 Responses to Postcard from Ayrton

  1. Ayrton Power says:

    Hola nens i nenas de segona classe,
    Et vull veure!

    The translation of Catalan into English is:
    “Hello boys and girls of second class
    I want to see you.”

    I wish you could be here because there’s a lot of fun stuff and I would like my Irish friends to be able to do the fun stuff with me. Love, Ayrton

  2. nh says:

    Great to hear from you Ayrton. I will let the class know that you were in contact.

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