Important People in our community- Michael McAssey visits Mrs. Nolan’s 5th class

On Tuesday 23rd January 2018 Michael McAssey came into Mrs. Nolan’s fifth class to answer questions that we made up because we were learning about people in our community.  Michel is a butcher, he has a shop in Ballon.  He is a kind, generous and jolly man.  He works very hard.

Michael started working at the age of 16 with a farmer.  He then got a job in a butchers in Tullow. He opened his own butcher shop in Ballon in 1985.  20 years after that he bought Buggy’s shop next door.  Michael’s shop sells meat, groceries and vegetables.  My favourite thing to buy in Michaels is chicken Kiev.  Michael gets his meat from local suppliers like Ballon meats and Carlow foods.

Michael McAssey employs Tony, Breda, Sarah, Emma and Audrey.  Breda has been working the longest in the shop.  Tony has been working for about 11 years in the butchers.  Audrey also works in the butchers.  Sarah and Emma work in the shop part time.

Michael is a very generous person in the community.  He donates fresh burgers for the school fete and ice cream for Ice-cream day.  His meat is always reasonably priced and great value.

Michael works very hard in his shop.  On a weekday he opens his shop at 8.30am in the morning but on a Saturday he opens up at 7.15am.  On Tuesdays he will wake up at 4am for his meat deliveries.  He wakes up and opens and sometimes he even works until 1am.  He says “There is always something to be done”.  He is hoping to make his shop bigger next year.

Michael is also really friendly to people and knows most people by name.  When I go into the shop Michael says “Hello, how are you” and chats about the weather and school. Michael wears a white coat at work and a big smile on his face!  He is positive no matter what!  Michael makes me smile all the time.

We really enjoyed finding out about Michaels’s business.  I found the talk interesting and informative.   Michael was very kind and generous as he gave us a treat each.  To show our gratitude to Michael we are going to get a picture taken of the whole class with him and frame it for him.  The two very important things we learned from Michael were the importance of working hard and being positive.

Julia, Dylan. Aisling, Ellen. Leah
Mrs. Nolan’s fifth class.

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