Fifth class made ‘Parachutes’

Last week Mrs. Nolan’s fifth class made parachutes for homework.  Most children brought their`s in on Thursday.  There were lots of different types of parachutes.  Some were made from j-clothes, some were plastic, and others used bags, string, pipe cleaners and lollipop sticks.
We tested our parachutes on Friday 9th February in the front yard.  Second class came out to watch.  We jolted our parachutes up and the best were Óisin, Brian’s, Julia’s, Ellen’s, Aishling’s and Sam’s.  Óisin and Brian’s went over the roof!!!!!
We went to the basketball court to see could we get more wind so we ran with our parachutes and Daniel, Katie, Martin and Dylan’s worked really well.  Óisin and Ryan used big plastic bags and they got more air into them, they worked really well.  It was great fun!
By Daniel Bolger and David McHugh.

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