Mrs Nolan’s fifth class visit Ducketts Grove for orienteering

On the 3rd of April, Mrs. Nolan’s 5th class went to  Ducketts Grove and to the Dolmen. We went orienteering first and then to the Dolmen.

We had to be in school at 9.15am as we had to leave at 9.30am. I brought my lunch and a jacket in case it would rain. When we got on the bus teacher gave us the orienteering sheets.  There was a map of Ducketts Grove and letters on the back.

We read a little piece about the castle. Then we saw a dog named Jack. Shona and I started at number 10. It started to drizzle .We got all the codes except two of them. It was great fun. We all meet up and had lunch together. The castle was really cool. When the bus collected us we went to the Dolmen. There was a long walk up to it. It took 500 strides to get to it. It is 5,000 years old. It weighs 150 tones. It was used for special ceremonies and they buried special people underneath it. It is the largest cap stone in Europe. Everyone had a great day. It was really fun.  I loved every single bit of our trip.

Written by Evie Williamson.

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