Board of Management

Scoil Naomh Peadar `s Pól
Board Of Management Annual Report
Board of Management 2015-2019
Chairperson: Fr. B. Howard P.P. (Patron’s Nominee),Secretary:Noel Heffernan(Principal),Treasurer:Monica Percy(Community Representative),Mr. W. Byrne (Community Representative),Mrs. A. McMahon (Teachers’ Representative),Karen Curry (Parents’ Representative),Niall McCaffrey( Parents’ Representative),Pat Nolan(Patron’s Nominee)
The Board of Management is appointed for a four year term and this year saw the appointment of a new Board which will continue until 2019..The board meets at least five times a year and is involved with all aspects of the life of the school. The board is responsible for the creation of a working environment which promotes the learning and welfare of students and which facilitates the professional development and welfare of school personnel.
Below is an outline of the work of the board during the school year 2015-2016
School Ethos
The school marked the various Religious feasts and festivals throughout the year. Communion was celebrated in May .Confirmation was celebrated on 5th March. The Board approved the opening of the school on January 6th and arrangements were made to bring the children to Mass on that day. Staff attended training on the new Religion curriculum in September
Staffing The school now has 11 mainstream classes . The Board appointed Angela Murphy as teacher due to increased numbers and Jade Abbey to fill the vacancy caused by Sinead Maxwell and Rebecca McCaffrey job sharing. The special class is now full.
Policy Development The following policies were developed/reviewed and ratified:Anti Bullying-annual review,Child Protection-annual review,Job sharing,.Mobile phones and electronic devices.We reviewed our Code of Behaviour in June.

Parents Association Thanks to the parents association for all their great work this year. Their work in organizing the Fete and communion party as well as numerous other initiatives is much appreciated by the school community.The Parents association and the Board funded talks to parents and children on internet safety.The Board thanked the Parents Association for their donation of 5000 euro which was spent on equipment .
Curricular Development The staff has continued to develop & implement the literacy & numeracy requirement of the SSE & DEIS proces. Attention now turns to the Primary Language Curriculum for which teachers will receive training in November.
Minor Works/Building project . We applied to upgrade our drainage system under summer works. We installed a wheelchair ramp at a cost of 910 euro. Remedial works to repair the flat roof were completed but more work is necessary.A new fence between the field and school yard was erected at a cost of 900 euro.We replaced two sets of double doors at a total cost of 3000 euro. An application was made for additional accommodation and funding was received in July for a new classroom. We leased a new photocopier this year.We replaced the carpet in 2 rooms with vinyl at a cost of 3600 euro
Board Training
Board members Noel Heffernan and Karen Curry attended training in Data Protection ,Child Protection and Vetting

The six week envelope collection continued raising €2545 a drop of over 500 euro.The annual Financial report for 2014-15 was approved by the Board

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