Aoibhe’s report on 5th class school tour

On the 12th 0f June Mrs Nolan’s and Ms Murphy’s 5th class went to Courtown activity centre for our school tour. We travelled by bus. I sat beside Katie, mia, evie and Ellen at the back of the bus on the way up and and on the way home I sat beside Katie.

When we got there we got a little bit of lunch at 10:50 am then straight after our lunch we got split into groups.

My group did high ropes first; we had to put on harnesses so we don’t fall off. They were so fun. Then we went on the high zip line. I was so scared at the start. The first few people went, and then it was my go. I went with Mia. I wanted to go again but we could only go once.
After a few minutes we got split up to do laser tag our group was small but fun. The man gave us guns and we played a few games.

After a while we went to a seal rescue shop. A girl was telling us about all the seals they rescued it was 66! And one had plastic caught in his neck. She was explaining to us that we can’t litter.
We went toe beach and we all dipped our feet into the sea and threw rocks into the sea.

I loved the zip line because it was a high one. It was a great day over all.

Ellen’s report

On Tuesday the 12th of June Mrs. Nolan’s 5th class and Ms. Murphy’s 5th class went to Courtown activity centre on our school tour. We travelled by bus and the journey took about 1 hour.

We left the school at about 9:15 .We arrived at Courtown activity centre at about 10:15.When we arrived we ate some of our lunch at the picnic tables.

We then split into two groups. My group was doing the high ropes first and the other group did laser tag first. We then each put on a harness and a helmet .After that our instructors Adam and Davit showed us to the tower. First we got 2 goes on the climbing wall. Then we went to the 2nd level of the high ropes. We had to go up and down over obstacles. Afterwards we went to the 3rd level .It was so high but fun. To finish, we went in two’s on the zip line. It was super fun.
We got a quick lunch and started back to another activity.
We met our next instructor Paddy to do laser tag. We each got a heavy black gun and a head band. We walked out to the area where we play laser tag .We played lots of different laser tag games. We had great fun.

Afterwards, we went to the seal sanctuary. A woman named Emily spoke to us about what they do and how they help the seals. It was really interesting. Then we walked outside to see the seals that they had rescued. There was a tiny seal pup named Noodles and 7 other seals that had been rescued. They were really lovely to look at.
For our final part of the day we went to the beach. We wet our feet in the sea, skipped rocks and wrote our names in the sand. That was fantastic.
We walked back to the bus and Larry the bus driver drove us back to the school.

My favourite part of the day was riding on the zip line and climbing the high ropes. I really liked our school tour.


Oiche Na gaoithe moire Ceatharlach

The night of the big wind Carlow



Sunday morning dawned well on the 6th of January 1839.The sun rose over the land which was white from the previous night of the heavy snowfall. The day was so calm there was scarcely a breath of air, it was said that the air was so still the voices of people could be heard from half a mile away. Nature was holding its breath, not a bird was singing, no wind was blowing. It was Little Christmas or Nollag Na mban [Women’s Christmas].There would have been a great bustling in houses across the whole county as people were preparing festive meals and going to ceilies and dances in the afternoon and ordinary workers took the day off to spend with their families. Everyone was looking forward to that night.


It was the middle of the afternoon people started to notice a change, the air was getting unseasonably warm. In Phoenix Park a rise of 10f was recorded between 3pm and 9pm [four hours after sunset] the air became sickly warm and no one knew that out in the Atlantic Ocean a great depression was heading towards Ireland. It was nine o clock and a westerly breeze sprang up, the people breathed a sigh of relief. However the breeze began to freshen up and turned to a high gale. The storm approached some towns with a rumbling sound. Some towns did not get a warning until their houses began to shake with the force of the wind. People got up and got dressed as fast as they could and ran into the fields and streets to escape high buildings falling, hay stacks, corn carts, roofs of houses, kitchen, tables, beds, chairs, pillows and blankets blowing like leaves across Carlow. Some people were running down the streets shouting it was the end of the world! No one was escaping this storm.

Carlow town the day after the storm


Carlow town was badly hit by the storm. A number of serious injuries were reported. The newly built 1833 Catholic Cathedral had its pinnacle knocked from its crown on the top of its Steeple, it crashed into the roof below smashing through the front gallery and shattering it. The last chimney on the Carlow castle was knocked down while roofs animals and hay stacks were scattered for miles. One resident Thomas C Butler was said to have just left his bedroom when his roof caved in from the weight of chimneys after falling on his roof. Most affected from this storm were the life stock farmers most animals knocked down the fences or walls, some were just blown away. Most farmers found a few heads of their sheep or cattle but none was found alive. One Carlow man was reported to have sold slates worth ten shillings that he had collected following the storm.    Carlow castle

The residents of Connaberry near Ballon ran in fear to the nearby Catholic Church [The Old Catholic Church] to hide in underneath the pews while the men barricaded the doors of the Church to keep out the wind. Bits of debris fell down from the ceiling but everyone remained safe. They stayed there until it was safe to come outside. Their houses were nearly all demolished and their belongings were scattered all over the fields.

People in later years when the old age pension came in 1909 were asked if they remembered the night of the big wind. If so, they were entitled to the pension as not everyone had birth certs. This storm was blamed on the fairies and on God’s judgement by the people at the time .It was the worst storm in 500 years .more than 300 hundred people died. This ends the description of Carlow on the night the big wind. It goes to prove that we are not at all safe from the havoc of a Hurricane!


References: Irish Identity, Archaeouplands, Wikipedia, Roots web.

Senior Infants & First class March 2015, learn about adjectives.

Senior Infants & First class have been learning all about adjectives.  Check out some of our amazing adjective poems.  We had great fun typing them.


A black skeleton.

A ferocious, black skeleton.

A bony, ferocious, black skeleton.

A slippery, bony, ferocious, black skeleton.

By Evan Nolan



A blue shark.

A nice, blue shark.

A lovely, nice, blue shark.

A spotty, lovely, nice, blue shark.

A funny, spotty, lovely, nice, blue shark.

A small, funny, spotty, lovely, nice, blue shark.

A fast, small, funny, spotty, lovely, nice, blue shark.

By Abaigeal Howard



A creepy skeleton.

A black, creepy skeleton.

A funny, black, creepy skeleton.

An ugly, funny, black, creepy skeleton.

That skeleton scares me!

By Adam Kennedy Dunbar



A strong gorilla

A black, strong  gorilla.

A  dangerous,  black,  strong  gorilla

A  smelly,  dangerous,  black,  strong  gorilla.

A  hairy,  smelly,  dangerous,  black,  strong,  gorilla.

A  bold,  hairy,   smelly,  dangerous,  black,  strong,  gorilla.

By  Edward O’ Byrne




A red  car.

A red, fast car.

A red, fast, shiny car.

A red, fast, shiny, noisy car.

I love my car!

By Lauren Cocke



A   lovable  puppy.

A  cute,  lovable  puppy.

A  brown,  cute,  lovable  puppy.

A  small,  brown,  cute,  lovable,  puppy.

A  crazy,  small,  brown,  cute,  lovable  puppy.

A  fluffy,  crazy,  small, brown, cute, lovable puppy.

I love that puppy!

By Ava Nolan



A   furry    cat

A  cute, furry cat.

A   pretty,  cute,  furry  cat.

A    crazy,  pretty,  cute,  furry  cat.

A    nice, crazy,  pretty,  cute,  furry  cat.

A     funny,  nice, crazy,  pretty,  cute,  furry  cat.

A    tiny, funny,  nice, crazy,  pretty,  cute,  furry  cat.

A    sleepy, tiny, funny, nice, crazy,  pretty,  cute,  furry  cat.

A    black,  sleepy, tiny,  funny,  nice, crazy,  pretty,  cute,  furry  cat.

By    Micheala    Kelly     Byrne.















An orange cat.

A  funny, orange  cat .

A  happy, funny, orange  cat.

A  furry, happy, funny, orange cat.

An  annoying, furry, happy, funny, orange  cat.

By Paulina Tyrala



A white puppy.

A  fun,  white puppy.

A  happy, fun, white puppy.

A small,  happy, fun, white puppy.

A black, small, happy, fun, white puppy.

This is my puppy.

By Paulina




A blue dolphin.

A playful, blue dolphin.

A gentle, playful, blue dolphin.

A beautiful, gentle, playful, blue dolphin.

A small, beautiful, gentle, playful, blue dolphin.

A kind, small, beautiful, gentle, playful, blue dolphin.

I wish it was my dolphin!

By Éabha Maxwell


A red motorbike.

A shiny, red motorbike.

A cool, shiny, red motorbike.

A fast, cool, shiny, red motorbike.

A nice, fast, cool, shiny, red motorbike.

A good looking, nice, fast, cool, shiny, red motorbike.

By  Aaron Dowling



A brown eagle

A speckled, brown eagle.

A hungry, speckled, brown eagle.

A  ferocious, hungry, speckled, brown eagle.

A difficult, ferocious, hungry, speckled, brown eagle.

An annoying, difficult, ferocious, hungry, speckled, brown eagle.

Look at that eagle soaring through the sky!

By Ella Dowling



A vicious puppy.

A wiener, vicious puppy.

A brown, wiener, vicious puppy.

A long, brown, wiener, vicious puppy.

I love that dog.

By Ruby Byron


A blue motorbike.

A noisy, blue motorbike.

A fast, noisy, blue motorbike.

A beautiful, fast, noisy, blue motorbike.

A rusty, beautiful, fast, noisy, blue motorbike.

A cool rusty beautiful noisy blue motorbike.

By Jack Kelly



A ferocious  snake.

A green, ferocious snake.

A long, green, ferocious  snake.

A slippery, long, green, ferocious snake.

An ugly, slippery, long, green, ferocious snake.

A crazy, ugly, slippery, long, green, ferocious snake.

That snake is mad!

By Rory McCaffrey



A red car.

A, shiny, red car.

A loud, shiny, red car.

A fast, loud, shiny, red car.

A big, fast, loud, shiny, red car.

A nice, big, fast, loud, shiny, red car.

A beautiful, nice, big, fast, loud, shiny, red car.

I wish I had that car!

By James Kinsella



A playful, dolphin.

A blue, playful, dolphin.

A beautiful, blue, playful, dolphin.

A fast, beautiful, blue, playful dolphin.

A small, fast, beautiful, blue, playful dolphin.

An annoying, small, fast, beautiful, blue, playful dolphin.

By Aoife Kennedy


A  green octopus.

A spotty, green octopus.

A ferocious, spotty, green octopus.

A beautiful, ferocious, spotty, green octopus.

A difficult, beautiful, ferocious, spotty, green octopus.

A speckled, difficult, beautiful, ferocious, spotty green octopus.

I would not want to be that octopus!

By Sophia O’ Byrne


A blue octopus.

A spotty, blue octopus.

A funny, spotty, blue octopus.

A hungry, funny, spotty, blue octopus.

An amazing, hungry, funny, spotty, blue octopus.

A disappointed, amazing, hungry, funny, spotty, blue octopus.

I love octopuses!

By Kate Smyth


A funny horse.

A white, funny horse.

A cool, white, funny horse.

A fantastic, cool, white, funny horse.

I wish I had a horse!

By Emma Tobin



A mad gorilla.

A crazy, mad gorilla.

An angry, crazy, mad gorilla.

A dangerous, angry, crazy, mad gorilla.

A poisonous, dangerous, angry, crazy, mad gorilla.

A lazy, poisonous, dangerous, angry, crazy, mad gorilla.

A hairy, lazy, poisonous, dangerous, angry, crazy, mad gorilla.

That gorilla belongs in the zoo!

By Sean Hourihane


A green crocodile.

A scary, green crocodile.

A happy, scary, green crocodile.

A silly, happy, scary, green crocodile.

A long, silly, happy, scary, green crocodile.

I like that crocodile!

By  Ross Cummins



A blue motorbike.

A big, blue motorbike.

A shiny, big, blue motorbike.

A fast, shiny, big, blue motorbike.

I wish it was my motorbike!

By Rokas Kirelis







A good school.

A fun, good school.

A playful, fun, good school.

A beautiful, playful, fun, good school.

A red, white, beautiful, playful, fun, good school.

An arty, red, white, beautiful, playful, fun, good school.

A happy, arty, red, white, beautiful, playful, fun, good school.

I go to that school!

By Abigail Murphy








































A Hallowe’en Adventure
It was Hallowe’en night.  Troy and Ellie crept up to the cave.  Inside, Vonda Witch was mixing a strange potion in a big black pot.  She was working so hard, she didn’t see the children peeping in.
Suddenly, Ellie sneezed!  Vonda Witch jumped and then stared at the children with her sharp black eyes.

Children in 2nd class were given the above to read and finish the story. This is Anna Maher’s story:

‘Ellie and Troy ran as hard as they could but Vonda got her potion and got onto her broom.  She chased Ellie and Troy all over the street.  Then the children stopped, they were out of breath.  Vonda came down.  She got the children, she put them on her broom.  Suddenly Ellie and Troy fell.  They fell onto a trampoline.  They were in their back garden.  They ran inside and locked the doors.  Vonda said”I will be back next Hallowe’en”
By Anna Maher 2nd class



100 Word Challenge

On 31st January teacher set us a 100 word challenge. We all had to write a story with 100 words in it.  We also had to use the words “waited, eagerly, bitterly, cold, old man and laughed heartily.  We could write it about anything.  It was great fun.
By Abbie Curry.


It was the 14th April 1912 on a bitterly cold night.  When I went into the beautiful Grand Hall, there was an old man at a table by himself.  I was going to go over to him but was dragged into a dance.  People laughed heartily as we danced and jived.  Then we heard a big thump.  Everyone froze.  My heart felt like it was going to pump out of my chest.  But we did not yet know that we were in for a big surprise.  We waited eagerly until someone shouted “we’re sinking”.  The Titanic has crashed!
By Abbie Curry

The old man sat on the deck waiting eagerly for the band to start.  There were people sitting at the table laughing heartily together.  It was a bitterly cold evening and nobody knew what an adventure they would have.  Everyone heard a big bang.  They wanted to know what had happened.  Then someone shouted we hit an iceberg, everyone began to panic.  Lots of people were trying to find a lifeboat and jumped into them frantically.  Some people missed the lifeboat and ended up in the freezing cold water.  Nobody looked back.

By Rebecca Farrell.

There once was an old man who lived in a bitterly cold house on the end of the street.  Inside the old man was asleep dreaming of a holiday.  In his dream he was sitting on an aeroplane.  Can you guess where he was going?  I better tell you.  He was heading to Disney land Paris.  As the plane landed he laughed heartily.  When he got there he saw his hotel, he went inside to check in.  There was a queue.  He waited eagerly for his turn.  But it was all a dream.  He was so sad.
By Troy Kinch Randell.

It was a bitterly cold evening.  I was going outside to play with my new ball.  I kicked it up as high as I could so it was higher than the tree.  But it did not come down I had a problem.  So I started to climb the tree.  I got half way up and I heard a crack, it was the branch so I got off it and climbed up but I could not get down.  I wasted eagerly, then an old man walked by.  ‘Help’ I called, he laughed heartily.  Hold on I’ll call the fire brigade.

By Dylan Brennan

It was bitterly cold outside, too cold to go out and play.  I stayed in my room and played with my toys.  I started to blow them up because they were useless.  What I did was weird.  My old man was a scientist and made a shrink ray.  So when he came to try it on my telescope he accidently shot me.  I called and called but he didn’t hear me, he laughed heartily and left.  I waited eagerly.  My father came and turned the device in reverse.  I was normal again thank the Lord.
By Jordan Madden.

Mrs. McCaffrey’s class experiment with rocks

experiment 002



experiment 003We did an experiment on rocks.  We got vinegar and glass and a small chunk of limestone and several different rock types.  We got a glass and put some vinegar in it.  Then we put some limestone in the glass of vinegar and it started to fizz.  This meant it had calcium carbonate.  Then we put some marble in the glass of vinegar.  This did not have calcium carbonate.  Then we put some sandstone in the class of vinegar it did not fizz either.  This did not have calcium carbonate.  The limestone then started to dissolve in the vinegar.

By Adam Nolan and Michaela Doyle Darcy.

Some reports from Mrs McCaffery’s class about their Christmas play

My school play was on the 12th/13th/17th of December in Ballon School hall.  My school play is “Lapland’s got Talent” it has lots of jokes, raps and songs.  I really enjoyed it and so did my family.  They thought I was great and all the rest of the class too.  The “Lapland’s got Talent” was about people showing off their wonderful talents.  There was no winner because everyone was a winner.  It was the best play ever.  We all made up actions to the songs, raps and jokes. I would like to thank my teacher for helping!

By John Buckley

My school play called “Lapland’s got Talent”, was held in the school hall in the village of Ballon.  It was about an elf called Caspar who felt like a massive disaster.  Everyone was sad.  Some elves felt bad so Santa decided they could sing, dance and have some fun! He wanted to see their faces like suns.  That’s the story of my school play, and I’d like to thank my teacher for the lovely day!

By Leanne Carroll

On the night of the school play when I was putting on my costume I was very nervous and I just wanted it to be over with. Our class’ play was called “Lapland’s got Talent”. It was about an elf talent show.  I was an elf in the play.  Everyone was an elf except Santa.  Then my Mam said we were leaving now.  Then I got even more nervous and as I was in the car I was even more nervous.  We got to the school and I had to go into my classroom and everyone there was as nervous as me.  Then as we got on stage everyone was great and I think it went well.

By Cormac Kinsella

Last Tuesday, which was the 17th of December, 4th and 5th class participated in their annual school Christmas play.  The Christmas play was about an elf who thought she had no special talents, but in the end she found out she really did have special talents.  While we were getting ready to go on stage, teacher and Mrs. Kennedy were painting red cheeks on everybody’s faces.  After our performance of our school play, everybody got a packet of “Meanies” and some cherry jellies.  It was a great night and I hope everybody enjoyed it.

By Shauna Downey

My school play was about half an hour long.  It was called “Lapland’s got Talent”.  I was an elf.  For the talent show I sang “Winter Wonderland” with lots of the other girls.  There was a joke group and a rap group.  It was on the 17th of December.  I am quite sad that it’s over but at least I will be doing another school play in 6th class.

By Abbie Curry

The Dragon

We made our way through the long dark tunnel of the cave.  We turned the corner.  The tunnel opened up into a big giant cavern.  We shone our flashlights and could see gold coins on the floor.  Then we saw a dragon lying on a pile of gold.  It opened one eye, looked at us and smiled.  “Well, well, well” he said in a jagged scary voice, as it circled around us.  “So, you have come to steal my treasure have you?” he said.  His voice seemed quite softer now (But his voice didn’t seem that soft).  “No M-M-M-Mr. Dragon, Our h-h-h-horses just r-r-r-ran away a-a-a-and we were looking for somewhere to st-stay the night” we said terrified.  “Maybe you could stay, Mmm… No! Get Out!” he screamed.  “Don’t worry, I’ll save you!” said a voice that came from behind the dragon’s back.  Then, out of nowhere we heard a squelch.  There was St. George on the dragon’s back! He carried us home and we were safe at last.

By Kate Murphy 3rd class

The Friendly Dragon

We made our way through the long dark tunnel of the cave. We turned the corner. The tunnel opened up into a giant cavern. We shone our flashlights and could see gold coins on the floor. Then we saw a Dragon on a pile of gold! It opened one eye and looked at us and smiled. “Hello Mr Dragon”, “Hello girls” said the dragon. “My name is Michaela and this is my sister Emma”. “My name is John the dragon” said the dragon. “Are you girls lost?” he said. “Yes we are! Our little sister Katie ran into this cave and now we can’t find her!”. “I will help you” said the dragon, “I know every inch of this cave”.

So off we went. We heard a cry for help. It was coming from a deep hole. “Over there!” I screamed. We all ran over to the hole. “Help! Help!” said Katie, “I can’t get out!” “Oh no” wailed Emma, “it’s too deep – how are we ever going to get her out?”. “Don’t worry girls, I will just lower my tail and Katie can climb up” said John the dragon. “Oh, thank you so much Mr Dragon” we said. “Now I will show you all the way out of the cave”, and he did! We all gave John a big hug and kiss. John the dragon told us to call anytime! He was such a friendly dragon.

The End.

By Michaela Jordan – 3rd Class


The Fiery Mountains by Róisín Connolly 3rd class.

On the 23rd October I went on a big adventure to a land called ‘The Fiery Mountains’.  It was surrounded by dragons.  The moon and the stars were out.  I could see caves, dragons and mountains.  The dragons were all busy playing so I decided that was the best time to look around.  I went inside a cave and saw a pot over a bubbling fire.  There was meat all over the floor so it was hard to walk.  Just then I heard a snoring noise.  I looked over and saw a dragon asleep in a bed.  Its breath smelled like sour milk and cream.  I suddenly felt excited but a bit scared.  I looked down for a moment to get my camera out of my bag.  It wasn’t the best view because if I went any closer it would wake up.  I went out when I had taken a picture.  The wind was swishing in the trees.  I had a great adventure flying on a dragon’s back.  When I went back home I showed everybody the pictures and told them about my adventure.

Some Halloween Poems written by children in Mrs. McCaffrey’s class.

Halloween Poem

Crippled creepy cats roam the streets, like big fat rats.
Witches laughter gives me shrieks, even when I trick or treat.

Werewolves would make good pets, when not eating your chest.
Zombie’s legs fall off especially when they go for a jog.

That’s what our Halloween’s like, come down if you want a fright.

By Seán McHugh.

The Story of Halloween

It’s that time of year, when Halloween is here.
Trick or treating, hearts are beating.

Ghosts and goblins roam the streets,
while children gather lots of treats.

Owls are hooting, witches rooting,
looking for things for the potion.

Wolves are howling, zombies prowling,
Rousing children in their houses.

After all, it’s that time of year
When Halloween is finally here.

By Leanne Carrol


Vampires zombies and goblins
Witches hunched over their cauldrons.
Spooky stories told at night
under the warmth of the candle light.

Boys and girls who trick or treat
Stuff their mouth’s with bags of sweets.
Bangers crack and rockets fly
as the wolf howls at the moonlit sky.

This is what Halloween means to me
I’m as happy as a witch could be!
He, He, He, He.   By Emma Smith


Devious, deadly devils, roam round town
Creepy, crippled cats, and a circus clown.

Gorey, grubby ghouls fly loose and free,
Twisted, terrifying tarantulas swarm the road and trees.

Halloween is that, witch on her broom,
It is really fun, full of darkness with gloom.

Delicious, yummy sweets, as we walk the streets.
Halloween is fun, great for everyone.

By Caoimhe Holden.

Dracula devious dead bride moans through the night.
Scary skeleton statues glow in the bright moonlight.

Wizened wrinkled witches like to fly at dawn.
Crippled, creepy cats sneak around the lawn.

Various, veiny vampires like to drink blood,
Bats fly high out of a huge piece of wood.
Now its all over and that’s not good.

By Kerry Nolan.


Hubble bubble, and a drop of trouble.
Rats tail dolphins whail, birds wing wasps sting,
In they go mixed with frogs toe.

Hubble bubble, pink blood, oh so good,
Cows eye, why or why.

Halloween is so fun, yummy, yummy chocolate buns,
Trick or treating is for everyone.

By Jessica Sinnott.

The Witches Spell

Double, Double toil and trouble, witches cackle, cauldron bubble.
A tail of lizard, hair of a wizard, owl’s feather let it sizzle.
Add some moldy lemon drizzle.
Mammal’s trunk, cats tongue, bats ears crocodile’s lung,
a bicycle tyre, frogs toe, add a little girls bow.

If you do it right, it would be perfect over night.
Pour your poition into a jar, Oh yes and if you want add some tar.

Now I am finished I just have to wait, they’ll drink it down then they would faint.

By Millie Francis.


Mrs. Nolan’s third class poems:

For National Tree day we wrote some acrostic poems.

There are lots of trees in Ireland.
Really tall when they’re old.
Enormous branches on them.
Every tree has leaves in Summer.

 By Edelle Morrissey

Trees can grow very old.
Their Roots are in the dirt.
Every insect likes trees. Caterpillars
Even like trees.
 By Adam Kinsella.

They stay alive for a long time.
Red and green leaves
Eats soil.
Energy from the sun.
Sits in sun.

By Katie Keating
Trees grow high.
Row of apple trees are grown.
Each tree has their own shape.
Every day they grow.
Seeds grow into trees.

By Kevin Maher.

Trees give us oxygen.
Real big trees are
Easy to climb.
Everyone should respect trees.

By Kathleen Ryan

Fat sleek predator,
Only the size of a medium dog,
X marks the spot for pre
 By Roisin Morrissey.

Stoats have very sharp Teeth
On their chest it is white
but pine martins chests are ginger,
And stoats look like pine martins and otters.
They are lazy because they find another animals home.
that they kill and live there.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 By Kathleen Ryan

Ordinary otters are crazy
They swim a lot.
They eat fish a lot.
Every day they eat fish for breakfast, dinner and tea,
Rivers are where otters walk.
By Emily Connors

Hedgehogs are animals who
Eat grass.
Does not look like a log.
Gathers leaves because
Everyone of them have spines
Hedgehogs hibernate.
Obeys its mama.
Golly they look cute.
By Katie Keating

Otters are good swimmers.
They like to eat fish.
They hide from their predators
Even a fox can’t see the otter.
Rivers are where they live.
By Adam Kinsella

Deer are the largest mammal in Ireland.
Every male has antlers.
Every deer eats grass.
Red deer are the largest deer.
 By Christopher Buckley

Stoats are lazy animals.
They steal other stoats nests.
Other animals don’t eat stoats.
All stoats are vicious.
They are long, slinky and fast hunters.
By Lee Cummins

Squirrels live in dreys.
Quietly they climb trees,
Until they get to the top.
Inside trees they nest.
Rest in Winter for a few weeks.
Energy that’s what they have.
Lively they run about.
Little are some and big are others.

 By Niamh Lalor

Red colour coat
Everywhere in the wood.
Dark round little eyes.
Scampering through the tree tops.
Quietly nibbling nuts
Under the ground they bury nuts.
I love them.
Red furry paws,
Really fast.
Every squirrel has a bushy tail.
Lovely animal to look at, lively in the morning.

By Edelle Morrissey

Mind Map My Antartic Rabbit

My friend Tom gave me a pet rabbit.  I named him Meerkat.  He lived in a spare kennel for the dogs.  One night I found him outside the deck so I brought him inside and instead of putting him back into a kennel I put him in a cage but he must have been a very strong rabbit because one night I came in to feed him but he was gone.  There was a big hole in the cage between two of the bars.  I dropped the food in astonishment and could not believe my eyes.  I rushed out of the room to tell my friends what had just happened.  They were amazed.  They all went out looking for him.
Eventually I saw him just in time to see him hopping off the ship.  “Meerkat” I called.  He had got off at a stop with a supermarket.  He rushed inside.  I quickly hopped off and followed him in.  There were people all around me.  Just then I saw a flash of brown turning around the corner of the door.  I quickly ran out just in time to see him drop onto an iceberg.  “Now what am I going to do”?  I said.  So quickly he hopped onto the iceberg.  Just them he bumped into a penguin that was scurrying across the ice and the water made him slow down.  I jumped but missed.  Just then something terrible happened, he ran into the water. “Oh no” I shouted.  I jumped in after him.  He started swimming faster.  I swam my fastest.  Then he hopped back onto land.  I jumped back up and ran after him.  And finally I caught him.  I ran back to the ship calling “Hooray”.  We had a big party, and I never let my rabbit escape again.

The end.
By Roisin Connolly.

Third class


The Legend of the Worst girl in the World.

There is a girl that lives down the road from me. Her brother’s name is Maty. He is my best friend but his sister is the meanest girl EVER. Every time i go to Maty’s house she never says hello.

She never shares her sweets with me. One day she shared her sweets with her friends and left me out. Maty asked her to  give her to give me a sweet and she said they were all gone but I saw put them in her poket.

One day when I was at Maty’s house his sister drew on her bedroom wall her was very mad and told her that she had to wash all the floors tidy the kitchen for her punishment.

She was very sad. I asked her did she want me to help her. She said “Why do you want to help me when I am mean to you?” I told her I don’t like seeing people sad. We are now good friends!

The end

By Amy Kelly 3rd class Mrs Nolan

The Last Goodbye

Now I lay here in Ellis Island just waiting for my time to come. My life was great before the Famine. A family, a house, a job. But the Famine took everything from everyone. It took my spirit and I’m just waiting for my time to come. The Famine killed my family and it killed me. I’ll be joining my loved ones shortly and be at peace once again. This tragedy ruined lives and for the survivors death isn’t the worst option. This is my last goodbye. So I thank God for all he gave to me and paradise is awaiting!!

By Katie Kennedy 5th class Mrs Mahon

The Mean Fair

Once upon a time there was a very nice fairy who lived in a very nice land. One nice day some mean fairies came to the land. They ruined the day. The queen of the land was called Kate. Queen Kate was expecting a baby that day. She had the baby when the mean fairies were there. She called her Emma. Princess Emma got a bad example from the fairies then she began to be mean.

Queen Kate said you have to be nicer. She grew to be eighteen and then she began to be nice. They all tried to change the bad fairies. In the end they became nice.

By Eve Angood

1st class

Dear Diary,

Today we arrived in Kineen.

A boy told us there was a soup kitchen there so we decided to stop in. The people there were like GHOSTS! ZOMBIES! We could see every single bone in their body. They were all homeless and sick and children with no parents were sent to a workshop!

The buildings were all thatched and small. The soup smelled lovely when we joined the line. It tasted lovely too. It had mixed vegetables, fat and mutton in it. We slept on the grass and a man woke us up.

By Emma Ryan

4th class Miss Doyle


Hello my name is Jack. I’m going to tell you about the legend of the worst boy in the world. So as I was saying this boy is my brother! He is so mean.

He’s always saying mean comments about me including ‘you’re bad at soccer’ and ‘you’re a girl.’ By the way this precious boys name is Max he is eight years old and I am seven years old, so he is older. We live in Dublin. We live really close to Dublin Airport.

And it’s Christmas Eve! Max and I have to go to bed now. The next day Max and I woke up. I loved all my toys but Max got a big shock… there was not even one toy for him. But Santa left a note saying ‘Merry Christmas you fool but next year is round two and next year if you are a good boy you will get some toys.’

He was really angry.  But he said, ‘I promise to be a good boy.’ The day after at school Mr. Chuckles had some soup. He said ‘I wish I had some mushrooms.’ Then the bell rang. Max ran outside to get some mushrooms out of the vegetable garden. He put the mushrooms in the bowl. ‘Yummy,’ said Mr. Chuckles. The next day Mr. Chuckles wasn’t in school. I asked the head of school why. She said that Mr. Chuckles was poisoned. What?

Next Christmas we woke up. And again Max had no toys but again Santa left a note saying, ‘Give up being bad or you’ll be sad.’ Max knew he was the worst boy in the world!!


By Sean McHugh 3rd class

When Jessie came across the sea

When the day arrived for Jessie to leave she felt really worried. They walked to the dock where the big ships were. Jessie said a big goodbye to her Grandmother. Jessie climbed aboard the big ship.

It was going to be a long journey. She was really nervous. On the ship she saw another girl about her age they talked for a while. There was a hole in her friends coat. Jessie could see the statue of liberty.

When they got off the ship there was a lot of people waiting at the edge of the dock. Jessie looked around. There was no sign of Kay. Kay brought Jessie to her house it was also her shop Jessie found a white dress. She wanted to turn it into a wedding dress. She sowed lace and ribbon on it. When it was done it looked amazing!!

One day posh looking women came into the shop. She admired the dress. She wanted to buy the dress, and she did. She gave Jessie lots of money. Years later it was nearly the most popular shop in New York. Jessie and Kay were rich. Jessie sent letters to her Grandmother and promised to work really hard.

The End

By Hannah Curry

My artistic Talent

Today i discovered that I have an extra special talent. You see I have always been the worst at drawing and handwriting; I am the worst in the class. I come last in art or handwriting competitions and that has always bothered me, because I love art, really I do, but every time i try to draw something everyone makes fun and laughs, even if it’s just a flower.

But one day when I was just about to give up on art Mum asked me to draw a card for her friend’s birthday. I tried to draw a rabbit with balloons. I didn’t even look at it when I was finished, but Mum said it was brilliant. When I am Older I will be famous!!!!!

The End


Third class Antartic stories

The first wonderful story is by Leanne Carroll. 

Tom the sailor was going to Antartica to discover some new things. He had to organize the crew.They needed life jackets, food supplies and water.When Tom and the crew were ready, they said goodbye to their families, double-checked they had everything and set off.

When they got to Antartica they saw polar bears, penguins, seals, whales and ice-bergs. “Look” said Tom, “Look at those funny penguins waddling along” and he laughed.

Then he heard an alarmed voice “What is wrong?” shouted Tom.”We’ve run out of fuel” said a crew member. Tom felt scared. There had been plenty of fuel when we set off.

Tom called a crew meeting “We need someone to make an SOS call” sdaid Tom. The SOS crew came with more fuel for the boat. Tom said “Thank you for saving us, would you care to join us for dinner”. The SOS crew said they would like dinner but they had to go very soon.

The crew parked the boat beside an ice island. They unloaded the ponies and dogs to ride. Tom saw an unusual egg. He called the crew to come over. Someone said Tom found a penguin’s egg. Tom said they will gohome as soon as we get some pictures. A man called John said he saw a group of penguins in the distance. They got some pictures and set off home. They sent a call to tell the people at the dock they were coming in.

When Tom arrived home there was a big party. Everyone’s families were delighted to see them. Tom was especially happy and thought he had enough life on board for now.

The second brilliant story is written by Darragh Doyle.

One day, Tom Crean saw a man looking for people to join the British Royal Navy. Tom was only fifteen but he lied and said he was sixteen and got into the navy. He joined an expedition called Discovery. It was about discovering Antartica. They needed supplies in order to go on this journey. These supplies were food, water, warm clothes and loads of fuel in the tank. Tom Crean left he dock to begin there expedition.

They travelled through rough water and stormy seas. The skipper shouted “Ice-berg, ice-berg ahead”. All the crew were working hard to steer the ship away from the ice-berg. There was a loud bang and the ship was turned around. The crew were all shouting. The ship had started to fill with water. Somebody screamed “We are going to sink”.

Some of the crew died but most of them survived. Tom Crean and all the others that survived found an island. They only brought one box of food and water.Everyone had to save the food. They tried to send a smoke signal but the snow put it out. Finally, after one month a ship was sailing around and spotted them shouting and screaming “Help”. Then they went back home.





One day Jane, her mom and her dad were sitting in the living room by the fireplace. “I can`t wait to get this baby out”, Jane`s mom said. “I can`t wait to get a new brother or sister”, said Jane. “It`s 9 o’clock, time for you to go to bed”, said Jane`s dad to Jane. “Fine”, said Jane and went upstairs to brush her teeth. When Jane was in her bed she started to think of names for the baby. Lee, Laurence or Dan if it was a boy. Katie, Emily or Edelle if it was a girl. Meanwhile her mom and dad were still talking. “I was just thinking our house is too small. We need a new house”, said Jane`s mom. “I will start tomorrow morning and straight away I will go on the computer to search for one”, said Jane`s dad. In the morning Jane`s dad kept his promise and went on the computer straight away. “Come on”, called Jane`s mom to Jane, “we are going to be late for school”. “Coming”! shouted Jane back as she ran down the stairs. When Jane was at school she told everyone about the new baby and new house. Jane`s teacher, Mrs Maxwell told all the children in the class to write a story about a dragon that breathes fire for homework. When Jane got home from school she told her mom that she had to write a story for homework. “Hi dad”, said Jane. “Hey while you two were at school and work I found a house on the internet that looks great for us. So we are going to see it tomorrow. Is that ok with you?” “Yes”, cheered Jane, “I miss a full day of school”. “That`s fine with me”, said Jane`s mom. “I can`t wait to see the new house”, said Jane. At that moment Jane`s mom said “I will go and make the dinner”, and went into the kitchen. “After dinner why don`t we go to the park”, said Jane`s dad. “Ok”, said Jane. “Time for dinner”, called Jane`s mom from the kitchen. “Coming”, Jane and her dad called back together and started laughing. After dinner they went to the park and played catch all together. When they got back home from the park Jane went up to bed. When she was in bed she started to think of some more name`s for the baby. Daniel, Craig and Jack if it was a boy. Kate, Norah and Kathleen if it was a girl. In the morning she got up early before her mom and dad. She had her breakfast, brushed her teeth and got dressed. Then she thought of a good idea. She made breakfast for her mom and dad. When her mom and dad came downstairs they got a big surprise. “Oh thank you ever so much”, said her dad. “This looks lovely”, said her mom. Later on they all went to the new house. “This is a lovely house”, said Jane`s mom. “Let`s buy it”, said her dad. So the next day they moved in. Then suddenly they heard a loud noise. “Oh no”, cried Jane`s mom I think the baby is coming. “Jane will have to go to Leah`s house”, said Jane`s dad, “we need to get you to hospital. Hop in the car”. When they were at Leah`s house Jane hopped out of the car and her dad went zooming on. Later that day Leah`s mom came into the room that Leah and Jane were in. She said that Jane`s dad had just called and asked her to take Jane to the hospital. When they arrived at the hospital Jane had a big surprise because her mom had had triplets. Two boys and a girl. “Their names are Lee, Laurence and Katie”, said her mom. “Hey that`s cool, the names that I picked”, said Jane.





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