School Support

We would like to welcome all our parents and children to our Special Educational Needs team this year which includes Ms.McMahon, Ms. Murphy, Mrs.Kildea and Mr. Heffernan. We welcome Ms.Lalor as a new addition also on a Wednesday and a Friday.

Our goal is to provide practical guidance to teachers and parents on the provision of effective learning support.   Children who require additional support are catered for in a variety of ways in our school such as in class support team teaching, small group intervention and individual teaching.    Areas where we place our attention in the curriculum are Literacy, Numeracy, Motor/Social skills development and Language skills.

This month of October we have initiated Literacy Lift Off Intervention

 What is LLO?

LLO is an intensive programme of reading and writing for a set number of weeks targeted at this year’s First Class for a period of eight weeks during the month of October & November.


Children learn to read and write by reading and writing. This programme gives the children lots of opportunities to read books at their own level of competency and gradually lift the complexity of what they can do in both reading and writing.


  • Children are organised into 5 groups of 6/7 according to their attained reading level .
  • 5 teachers are assigned to different stations for  literacy,phonics, word work, vocabulary and writing lesson .
  • Children really enjoy rotating between stations.

What is Literacy Hour?

We would describe it as an amazing journey of team teaching. We hope the implementation of Literacy Hour in our senior classes will prove very effective for all the children involved. Literacy Hour is designed to improve reading, writing,comprehension, oral, spelling and phonic skills. Thus aiming to ensure that all children will achieve their appropriate levels of literacy.


  • Children are organised into 4 groups of 7/8 children.
  • The support team collaborate with the classroom teacher in question.
  • Each teacher is assigned to different stations of comprehension/ writing/oral/dictation and spelling development.

 We would like to thank all the teachers in making this wonderful work happen.